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Three Young Artists in Residence Beniamino Paganini, Nele Vertommen & Jonathan Ponet

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BE - Young artists in residence
During Intra Muros Festival, Alden Biesen provides the ideal setting for three very talented 'Young Ambassadors' in Early Music. They seize the opportunity to display their beloved repertoire in its original context. The rooms of the castle are the locations for which the music was originally written. The concert programs that adorn this challenge are being researched. Each of our Young Ambassadors is adamant that every musical form has its own ‘life’, its own ‘soul’.
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Beniamino Paganini

Beniamino Paganini (born 1994) is a passionate traverso player, harpsichordist, ensemble leader and music teacher. He was named Young Musician of the Year 2020 by the Belgian Music Press and Klara elected him as one of the 2021 Twentysomethings. He received his Master's Degrees in Traverso (2016), Harpsichord (2017), Maestro al Cembalo (2019) and Bachelor's Degree in Musicology (2018), all with high honors. 



Jonathan Ponet(°1993) is a young Belgian viola player and violinist. He obtained his degree in viola with the highest distinction, in the class of Thomas Riebl. Jonathan's strong interest in historical performance practice resulted in him studying baroque violin with Hiro Kurosaki at the Mozarteum and in winning a position as academician with the Balthasar-Neumann Ensemble conducted by Thomas Hengelbrock. A leading European ensemble in the field of historical performance practice. 

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Nele Vertommen

Nele Vertommen (°1999) was already fascinated by early music at the age of 5, when she heard the St Matthew Passion by Bach. It very quickly became clear that she wanted to play this music herself. A few years later, she started taking oboe lessons from Korneel Alsteens. When, after 2 years of playing, she discovered that those beautiful oboe solos from the St. Matthew Passion were actually written for the baroque oboe, the idea of becoming a baroque oboeist was born. 

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