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Slawomir Zubrzycki 


11u30 Open Masterclass
15u30 Viola Organista Recital


In 2009, Zubrzycki discovered the traces of a real rarity: the obscure and almost forgotten string instrument with keyboard designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Fascinated by the facts of the past, Zubrzycki created his own version from Leonardo da Vinci's design from the Florentine Republic. In this concert, he will bring this extraordinary instrument to life with the repertoire of Italian Marco Facoli and Franco-Flemish composer Henricus Isaac, among others. 


The premiere recitals of viola organista turned heads at the International Royal Cracow Piano Festival in 2013. They were perceived by the audience as a spectacular artistic success and received a lot of media attention. In only a week’s time over 3 million people watched the video report on YouTube. The scoop on the construction of viola organista was presented by the most popular media around the world including the BBC, The Telegraph, Deutsche Radio Kultur, Corriere della Sera, Oman Daily Observer etc. A long-standing interest in the design and construction of musical instruments, in addition to the series of television lectures, led Sławomir Zubrzycki to build a replica of Johann Silbermann's clavichord from 1775. The instrument with a very distinctive expressiveness is considered the ancestor of the piano.


During this concert, Sławomir Zubrzycki will bring the characteristic instrument to life with the repertoire of, among others, the Italian clavicinist Marco Facoli and the Franco-Flemish composer Henricus Isaac. In addition, the composer's own transcriptions will be performed. These include those by Marin Marais, a French composer of Baroque music, largely for string instruments. For most of his working life he served the French court at Versailles. He is considered an important representative of the French school of composers for viola da gamba (basse de viole) and was himself an excellent gambist. He composed four operas and was one of the first composers in France to write pieces for trio. Drawing from his repertoire, Zubrzycki works towards a climax in both historical and technical experience. 

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