A new festival on a special historical site

Over the course of 2020 a new music festival was developed within the walls of the 800-year old Grand Commandery in Bilzen (B) commissioned by the Flemish Government.

INTRA MUROS FESTIVAL FOR EARLY MUSIC – ALDEN BIESEN CASTLE is the full name of this annual international music festival that is built on three pillars: young talent - current international top quality - exclusive programs. 

Every year, a 'carte blanche' is given to a young Flemish musician: someone who is at the forefront of an international career is given the opportunity at the IMF to show him or herself as a 'musician in residence' during the entire festival weekend in various settings: solo, in chamber music and in combination with one of the guest ensembles or orchestras. For the first edition of IMF, this will be none other than Lise Vandersmissen, a young harpist from Bilzen, who is now particularly active internationally after training in Leuven and London.

IMF also provides a platform for a (new) Flemish top ensemble that will come forth with an exclusive program or a new CD production. Le Pavillon de Musique, a brand new ensemble led by maestra Ann Cnop will bring the world premiere as well as the CD presentation of the violin concertos of H.-J. De Croes.

In addition, there are of course internationally established names from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland, each time with exclusively curated programs for the Intra Muros Festival. 

The Festival team

As the 'first visitor' we receive none other than Tsar B, pseudonym of the Belgian musician Justine Bourgeus. Her music style is characterized by the shimmering Eastern timbre. A little known fact however is that she gets her inspiration from baroque era classical music.

“I am incredibly excited about how Intra Muros Festival will take us back to the times of the early Baroque, how we, young people, will feel again what was once felt and written down half a millennium ago. The location, the line-up, the approach: the total picture is right! " 


AldenBiesen luchtofotos 241019

And yes, with "early music" we cover a period from the Middle Ages to the 18th century, from Hildegard van Bingen to the French Revolution. No niches, no "white-gloved music", but an entire weekend within the walls of a unique and inspiring historic venue.

As our audience, you will find yourself among the musicians - instrumentalists and singers - during rehearsals, breakfast discussions, aperitifs, lunches and of course the concerts. Impressions of a unique historical setting, the experience of art, numerous human contacts, culinary enjoyment and nature walks all lead to "encounter and emotion". In short: IMF will be a unique experience, both for the public and for the performers!  

Luc Ponet credit Bert Daenen.jpg

Luc Ponet - Artistic Director

Tom Pipeleers credit Bert Daenen.jpg

Tom Pipeleers - Executive Director

Lisa Deckers credit Bert Daenen.jpg

Lisa Deckers - Dramaturg