le Pavillon de Musique


le Pavillon de Musique was founded in 2020 by violinist Ann Cnop. Their first assignment was an immediate hit. They provided the world premiere and recording of the forgotten violin concertos of H.-J. De Croes. This immediately determined the mission of the ensemble: the rediscovery of unprecedented baroque repertoire.

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Ann Cnop speaking:

For the Intra Muros Festival we will perform four violin concertos by a Belgian eighteenth century composer Henricus-Jacobus de Croes that everyone knew existed, but they had lost the scores. I discovered them in the Stockholm library. There is only one version available in the world and we play it now. It is incredibly exciting for us.


Henri-Jacques De Croes was born in Antwerp in 1705. In his hometown he was apprenticed to Josephus Guillielmus Soussé at the Sint-Andrieskerk. Soussé was also singing master at the Sint-Jacobskerk, where De Croes was already appointed first violin at the age of 18. A few years later, his career as a violinist took a fast and international turn. He soon entered the service of Prince Anselme-François of Thurn & Taxis and followed him to his main residence in Frankfurt, first as a violinist, later even as Kapellmeister.

De Croes concertos are clearly Italian in style. They are often reminiscent of Antonio Vivaldi's violin concerti Quattro Stagioni. Partly because of the innovative melodies, harmonic contrasts and clarity. If one looks at the line-up of De Croes' concertos, one could quickly label them as “concerti grossi”. However, that term is not entirely appropriate here. In a concerto grosso, two solo violin voices are set almost equally, next to two accompanying violins. De Croes deviates strongly from this pattern by having the first violin solo take care of the largest work and by keeping the contribution of the second violin solo very limited. The concertos therefore have more the structure of a violin concerto than a concerto grosso. De Croes also plays an interesting interaction in the division of roles between the other violin parts. In the first concerto the second violin ripieno is given a more important role than the colleague first violin.

Whoever hears De Croes's music for the first time, will be confronted with a 'what's happening here?' feeling in the first moment. Twice a premiere; because during this concert the first notes of ensemble le Pavillon de Musique will be heard in front of the public. And you will also hear the four violin concertos performed for the first time. A world premiere!

Vioolconcerti I - III - IV - VI

Henri-Jacques De Croes (1705 - 1786)

Ensemble le Pavillon de Musique

Ann Cnop, barok viool & muzikale directie

Yun Kim, barok viool

François Fernandez, barok viool

Marieke Vos, barok viool

Frans Vos, barok altviool

Mathilde Wolfs, barok cello

Elise Chistiaens, barok contrabas

Ben Van Nespen, klavecimbel