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Founded by Michele Gasbarro, Festina Lente carries a broad expertise in Italian early music, especially Renaissance and Baroque music. The main motive is to recover precious unpublished works of the Italian school from the 16th and 17th centuries and present them to the public. In recent years, attention has turned to the multiple productions written for the celebrations of the Catholic Church.

The "perspective" feel of Renaissance polyphony is enhanced by multiple organs and glorified by the constant movement of the ensembles during the performances. In a research striving for historical rigor, the compositions are presented in a liturgical and musical reconstruction, following the solemnity of the Roman rituals of the 17th century, in an inseparable relationship between music, action and word, in full accordance with the Baroque era.

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Michele Gasbarro - direttore Festina Lente speaking:

2020 has made us understand that we sometimes need to stop time for a moment, think about ourselves and dwell on the simpler things, our loved ones, our personal history. The reflection also concerns our history in a broad sense, in order to build our future with more tenacity.

Festina Lente specializes in unpublished Italian music, specially produced in Rome and Naples. We are very happy to bring this unknown Italian music to Belgium.


Antonio Nola was a Neapolitan composer with little biographical information or music preserved. Even in the research manuals and encyclopedic dictionaries, the author is not mentioned.

The large number of manuscripts preserved in the library of the Philippine Congregation of Naples attests to the intense activity carried on in this prestigious institution, dating from at least 1665 and certainly as far as 1701. In the enormous production of Antonius Nola there are numerous masses with different vocal and instrumental ensembles: four and five voices with organ; for three, four and five voices with violins, for double choir for eight and nine voices in concert with violins, to the sumptuous masses for four choirs with instruments.

During Intra Muros Festival, Ensemble Festina Lente interprets various Nola compositions that show great liveliness and stylistic characteristics of absolute originality. The difference between unimaginative and imaginative programming will be noticed during this opening concert by the sublime curated program that will string one pearl after another.


Penitenziale e Dossologia

Dopo l'Epistola francese seconda del nono Tuono

Professione di Fede

Offertorio Liturgia eurasticia



Giovanni Salvatore (1611 - 1688)

Antonio Nola (1644 - 1701?)

Giovanni Salvatore (1611 - 1688)

Antonio Nola (1644 - 1701?)

Antonio Nola (1644 - 1701?)

Antonio Nola (1644 - 1701?)

Cristoforo Caresana (1640 - 1709)


Kyrie e Gloria




Agnus Dei

Salve Regina

Ensemble Festina Lente

Alena Danceva, canto I

Lucia Napoli, canto II

Marta Fumagalli, alt

Gianluca Ferrarini, tenor

Mauro Borgioni, bas


Paolo Perrone, violino I

Gabriele Politi, violino II

Andrea Lattarulo, cello

Maria De Martini, fagot

Matteo Coticoni, contrabbas

Michele Carreca, theorbe

Alessandro Albenga, orgel


Michele Gasbarro, direttore