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Ensemble Delirio


ZONDAG 10 JULI - 11u00

The Ensemble Delirio consists of four musicians who are connected by their common musical home, Vienna. They share musical understanding, a natural awareness of each other, both personally and interpretively, and the will to learn from each other and grow together.


With the repertoire of Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber , Jan Ignác František Vojta , Alessandro Poglietti , Johann Heinrich Schmelzer and Antonio Bertali, they provide a concert program filled with finely tuned exchanges. 

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The Ensemble Delirio was founded in 2009 by four young, ambitious musicians of international origin: David Drabek (violin, Switzerland), Pablo de Pedro (viola, Spain), Philipp Comploi (cello, Austria/Italy) and Jeremy Joseph (organ, harpsichord and fortepiano, South Africa). These four musicians are united by, on the one hand, their common musical home, Vienna, and, on the other hand, their many years of musical collaboration in various internationally renowned ensemble of the Austrian and foreign musical landscape.

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"Our programme comprises early baroque music from Vienna and different corners of the Austrian empire. Having made Vienna our home and musical focal point, we as an ensemble feel naturally drawn towards this repertoire.

The city’s expansive legacy of baroque art and architecture is a constant reminder of the origins of this music and undeniably impels our yearning to perform it. As organist of the Vienna Imperial Chapel I feel a deep connection to the composers who feature in this program, many of whom were themselves active in the chapel as organists and instrumentalists in the 17th century. When touring and performing this program, we have that feeling of ‘returning home’. "

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